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Eat More to Lose Weight, Part #2 - My Lunch!

I hope you find this information helpful. Several weeks ago I posted a video regarding my breakfast and since then I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries as to what my other meals look like throughout the day.

Lunch is my big meal of the day. It is usually “leftover” based. Normally we will keep a variety of cooked proteins - grilled chicken, hamburgers, bison, etc. - in the refrigerator, as well as prepared carbohydrates such as brown rice. Although I love fancy dinners, this one is pretty basic and down and dirty designed to meet my macro needs.

(As a disclaimer, these macros are set up for me – my age, my height and weight, my weekly workload, etc. Please hit me up and I’d be more than happy to dig into the details of your macros specifically for you!)

This all stems from a Facebook post that I saw a few months ago. This person stated that they were on a “diet” and they were “starving”. I’m glad this person is watching what they’re eating, but I really don’t think that you need to be starving to be losing weight. Your nutritional plan should be to FUEL your goals. In most cases, people want to lose weight and tone up. The best way to do that is to burn more calories throughout the day. And the best way to do that is to add a little bit of muscle.

That additional muscle is very metabolic and will have you burning more calories each and every day.

And that is what we want, right?!

This type of meal plan is designed to help you increase or at least maintain your muscle mass, therefore, increasing your metabolic rate.

1 tablespoon of olive oil - heat up in the pan

2 cups of brown rice - into the oil

3 ounces of protein - I used leftover roast beef today.

Heat up on the stove top

Add one additional tablespoon of olive oil

Served with a side of steamed Cauliflower - great vegetable to keep the belly fat in check.

Season to your liking

Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates!

And don’t be afraid of quality fats - that’s so important in our diets as they have a massive effect on our hormonal levels. (“Dude’s, let’s elevate that testosterone level!”)

I do normally eat 3 meals throughout the day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, I normally eat two snacks - post workout and an evening snack.

Meal Totals:

Calories: 663

Protein: 30 gr.

Carbs: 50 gr.

Fat: 36 gr.

We are the top of the food chain – it’s imperative that we act like it and eat like it!

Enjoy and please contact me directly for your personalized nutrition and fitness plan to meet YOUR goals and that will work within YOUR lifestyle.

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