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Consider “Training Blocks” for maximum success and sustainable results!

I wanted to share a concept with you that if you employee can really make your training program more efficient and more sustainable.

I call this Training Blocks - many athletes will call it “Periodization”. For example, if an athlete is getting ready for an event, they will train so that they are maximizing their performance for that singular moment. A great example of this would be training for the Olympics or getting ready for the NFL combine. Everything the athlete does for that time will be a series of events, or training blocks, culminating in their peak performance at that designated moment.

As we get older, perhaps we are no longer training for a singular event like that. And yet that’s no reason to not practice block training. I’ll use training blocks for things like, getting ready for a big family event, getting ready for a vacation, preparing for the holidays, etc.

The benefits are as follows:

  • A shorter timetable feels more “do-able”, and much less daunting.
  • It gives us an opportunity to change up our training and nutrition to better navigate towards our goals.
  • These are true building blocks that stack together to break-down our long-term goals into digestible pieces.
  • Additionally, these blocks inherently provide us with breaks and recovery that we need for sustained progress towards our goals. And that’s what we want – Isn’t it?

I plan on utilizing this concept now, and use the next few months for what I call the “Holiday Push” - to get my body ready for the holiday season - to truly enjoy all that the holidays have to offer, and to prepare myself for the best version of me in 2021.

I hope you’ll join me!

I will include a link below so you can contact me for free no obligation consultation to review your goals and training blocks for your own “Holiday Push” …and to get ready for the new year!

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