Why Today's Warrior?

You Have to be Willing to be a Warrior

Why Do We Do It?

This is my passion and it has been my passion for a long time! If I can help you with your health and fitness goals – to set you on the right course – well, mission accomplished!

Why Today’s Warrior?

I think we have many challenges in life – many things pulling us away from our goals and what is truly important in our lives. These goal-blurring forces include things such as social media, overly processed food, agendas that do not coincide with our own, to name just a few examples. We must arm ourselves with knowledge and conviction to battle these forces and stay focused on our personal mission each and every day.

Let’s change the things that we can change!

Who Do We Serve?
  • Males and Females, young and old
  • From athletes working hard to get to the next level
    ... to those struggling with the challenges of middle-age
  • From weight loss goals to weight gain
    ... and those simply looking to “feel a little better”
What Brought Us Here?

After 30+ years in corporate America…
I retired, and now I can focus on my passion – helping others with their health and fitness goals!

My first job after college in 1985 was working in the health club industry, first as an instructor and then in sales. I was quickly hired away by a company that would manage floundering health clubs and help them fix their business model and drive sales.

dave & melissa

And that’s where I met my wife... in a gym!

In 1999 I started creating nutritional and workout programs for friends and family. Helping others has been a part of me for a very long time. The enjoyment that I feel as I watch (and hopefully help) is profound.

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