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Progressive Resistance - A different (better??) viewpoint on this important topic

People involved with weight training may refer to Progressive Resistance. This is often defined as:

Progressive resistance is a strength training method in which the overload is constantly increased to facilitate adaptation. Progressive resistance is essential for building muscle, losing weight, and getting stronger.

And largely centers around steadily increasing the weight that one is using, or adding additional repetitions to a given weight.

For example, if you’re currently performing 10 repetitions with 135 pounds on a bench press, it is important to move up to 11 or 12 repetitions with that same weight or add additional weight and still maintain that 10 rep range.

However, I contend that there are other ways to apply Progressive Resistance to your training.

Some of those methods may include, but not limited to:

Quality of repetitions

Better form through each rep

Slowing down your individual reps

Increasing your mind-muscle connection

Increasing your mind muscle connection is an often overlooked method of progressing through any exercise. Before I ever start an exercise with a client, I always ensure that they know which body part we will be training. It’s important to put all your focus and effort into that individual muscle being trained. Increasing that connection with the muscle will supply more blood to that area and further stimulation to help facilitate muscle growth.

Give these alternate forms of Progressive Resistance a try and let me know how it goes!💪🏼

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