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Yo-Yo Dieting - a few thoughts on why it happens and how to fix it in the future

I will assume that many have fallen victim to “yo-yo dieting”, as it is one of the questions I get asked about most often.

This occurs for a few main reasons:

  • Current diet is not sustainable
  • Many stop dieting when they “hit their number” of desired weight loss
  • No lessons learned.

Allow me to elaborate:

Current diet is not sustainable

Any fitness program needs to be sustainable for it to be effective in the long run. To lose weight, we need to create a caloric deficit. Simply put – we need to burn more calories than what we consume. It’s really just simple math. Unfortunately, many people go too low on their calories creating too great of a caloric deficit. To lose weight, a caloric deficit should be about 300 cal. / day.

Another problem is that people end up incorporating way too much cardio into their “diet”. This can bring about the loss of muscle which will lead to slowing down of the metabolism. Bad!

Many stop dieting when they “hit their number” of desired weight loss

Allow me to use an example. Let’s say someone has a weight loss goal of 10 pounds. So often they will stop their nutritional plan as soon as they lose the 10 pounds. A much better way would be to consider the average weight loss for the week. This means that you’ll be on this nutritional plan for a bit longer than you had planned. Also, we need to lose weight beyond our desired weight loss goal of 10 pounds. You see, your body will want to “flex back” to its original weight. It’s just a natural part of your body wanting to retain its normal weight.

Additionally, it’s important to create a new “set point” for yourself. If we want to keep weight off, we will have to stay at that new lower weight for a period of time until it becomes “normal” for us.

No lessons learned

Another reason for yo-yo dieting is that many people have just not learned anything. When we take a systematic approach to weight loss, there is a lot of “learning” that goes on with the process. This new education will provide us with the foundation for years of additional progress and the ability to sustain that new body weight.

If you have experienced Yo-Yo Dieting and would like your own “personalized” Nutrition and Training Plan or a free no-obligation consultation, I will include a link below so you can contact me. And please share with others.

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