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Why “Diets” don’t work!

First, I think the term “diet” puts us in a negative headspace right off the bat. We’re conditioned to think that diets are not fun and very restrictive. When working with my clients, I tend to use the phrase “nutritional plan”. Maybe that’s not a big deal, and yet we want to eliminate all potential roadblocks – even with the verbiage we use.

Diets slow down your metabolism.

Diets can slow-down and down-regulate your metabolism due to the caloric restriction. A slow metabolism can be the result of many habits such as excessive restriction on the calories or a lifestyle that demands a lot of calories.

A diet is a “stressor” – increasing cortisol and fostering the storage of body fat. Cortisol levels are elevated during stressful situations. There is a link between high cortisol levels and the storage of body fat, particularly visceral abdominal fat.

Diets don’t create sustainable change. They don’t answer “why?” the undesirable habit is continuing – such as late night binge eating, etc.

Diets simply aren’t fun. They’re so often a list of “no no’s” and restrictions.

You didn’t learn anything. So often a diet will not have you learn about yourself. As one example, you may not learn if your body tends to burn carbohydrates or fat as a primary energy source.

So... let’s flip this around!

Let’s lift weights to increase, or at least maintain, our metabolically active muscle.

Let’s work on being consistent with our nutritional plan and not worry so much about being perfect. Let’s work on getting a little bit better each and every day!

Let’s have fun with our meals. We can enjoy taco night with a family, and stay away from eating two processed Taco Bell jumbo packs by ourselves!

If your goal is to lose weight, let’s create a slight caloric deficit of about 250 cal, experiment and learn from our bodies, and relax through the process!

Remember, we cannot starve and punish ourselves. We need to fuel our goals!

Enjoy! 💪🏼

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