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Today’s Warrior: Program review with my one-on-one Warrior, Abby

I was asked for some additional information with regards to the entire process that I utilize with my one-on-one Warriors. I think this video will be a big help. I asked one of my longtime clients to join in on the fun. Abby was a great sport! She openly shared the story of her fitness journey, being a wife, mother of three (including twins), and a teacher!

You see, many people think that I merely create a “plan” - nutrition, training, etc. – to help lead them to their goals. Maybe they think I help out a little bit with “lifestyle”. No way – it’s a lot more than that! This video demonstrates the systematic series of phases that I go through with each of my people. Creating the plan is just the first stage. We need to help them realize all of their goals. And then by the end, we need to revitalize their metabolism and make sure that all of this is sustainable! “Sustained goals” - Isn’t that what we really want? Did you know that 95% of people fail on their diets! There certainly are a lot of reasons why that occurs, and as you watch this video, I think we will shed some light on those reasons. And more importantly, you’ll see the actions that we put in place to greatly increase our success rate! If you still would like some more information after watching the video, please reach out to me! I would be happy to talk to you about the best ways for you to achieve YOUR health and fitness goals!

And remember.. This isn’t just about eating right. This isn’t just about hitting the gym.

This is how we do LIFE!

If you would like your own “personalized” Nutrition and Training Plan or a free no-obligation consultation, I will include a link below so you can contact me. And please share with others.

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